Riverside Camping

Cradle of Life offer Riverside Luxury Camp Package in Shivpuri,Rishikesh in beautiful location in Shivpuri valley. Camping out in Shivpuri invites adventure lovers and holidaymakers from all around the globe. Known as the Indian river rafting capital, the Himalayan town of Rishikesh has been blessed with abundant natural wealth. Camping proves to be the most wonderful option for those who wish to escape the hassles and tussles of daily life and reconnect with nature. To make your Camping tour in Rishikesh, there are fine arrangements of Riverside Luxury Camps. The 18 Swiss Cottage luxurious tents at the campsite are provided with all the basic luxurious amenities. The facilities and services provided at the Camps create an aura of luxury and comfort. If you are planning a tour to Rishikesh in Uttarakhand soon, do remember to book your accommodation at one of these Camp Cradle of Life Riverside Camps.

Riverside Luxury Camp Facility Activities possible at the camp
» 18 Swiss cottage Tents with Carpeted Floor. » Natural River pool.
» Bamboo Beds with foam mattresses, Attached Bathroom & Toilet with running Water. » Bonfire with Music. in the night.
» Hot Water on demand. » River Rafting on the Ganges, Body surfing & Cliff jumping.
» Relaxing and Ethinic interiors. » Rope activities like Rock climbing, Rappelling, Rock Courses, etc..
» Electricity with power backup facility. » Obstacle courses like Burma bridge, Parallel rope, etc.
» Camp Activities. » Team building exercises/Group games.
» All Meals Including Indian,Muglai, Chineese,south Indian Food in a large dining area. » Ground sports activities like Volleyball, Cricket , Badminton, etc.
» Conference Area with OHP facility » Indoor & outdoor camp games
» Library facility » Yoga & Meditation.
» Room Service. » Natural Garden
» Car Park Facility.