Family Adventure

Children start learning at a very early age and the primary sources are parents and immediate family members. Children look for role models to draw inspiration and will follow the role model′s footsteps. It cannot be over emphasized that parents are the best role models for children. Role Modeling is a very important subject and parents have a major responsibility here. Every aspect our behavior and action is being watched and can be repeated by the child. For example, how we talk, communicate, take care of ourselves, physical fitness will be role modeled by our children.

Modern career pressures and double income families spare little time for the child to observe the parents and learn. Absence of joint families causes loss of opportunity for role modeling. It is therefore important for families to take time off and spend in the outdoors, participate in joint activities that will provide opportunity for role modeling and inspiration.

Double income couples also find little quality time for themselves resulting in weak bonds, frayed nerves and diminishing love. Regular holidays in resorts and lodges may not provide quality time due to our dependency on gadgets and TV. Adventure programs eliminate all these issues and provide very intense interaction opportunities through sharing and helping each other.

Some of the key objectives handled for family programs are